Yesterday September 12th was the second day of the Men’s tournament. Again a full day of competition from 8.30 to 21.00 hrs.

Results of September 12th

TUR – GER: 7 – 15

SVK – ROU: 10 – 11

CRO – RUS: 12 – 13

AZE – GEO: 3 – 26

GRE – HUN: 8 – 10

SRB – ITA: 12 – 3

ESP – NED: 17 – 3

School classes visit our tournament

The whole week you will find lot’s of schoolchildren in the swimming pool. Students from the high schools in Alphen are helping us with our volunteer work.

And we our very happy to receive school classes from the primary schools (age 9 to 12). They get a full educational program. Ofcourse about water polo and top sports in Holland, but also a workshop about healthy eating and living. Afterwards they visit one of the games. They different classes adopt a country each and they cheer on “their” team. You will find that they are a bit quiet in the beginning but after a few moments they get really fanatical and start cheering, shouting and even dancing to the music.

Later this year all these children will come back to the pool and the will get a water polo clinic from one of our own selection players.